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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Seed treatment methods

Seed treatment for improving germination:

Soaking the seeds in water before sowing will improve the germination percentage. Duration of soaking depends on the nature of the seed coat. We can improve the disease resistance by soaking these seeds in magic compost mixture or in cow urine.

Soaking time required:

Paddy: 12 hours soaking in water and drying of seed under shade for 4-5 hrs
Maize: 24 hr
Wheat: 7 hr
Ground nut: 5 min

Other methods:

  • For any variety of seed spraying of cow milk and water mix with 1:9 ratio and drying under shade will be beneficial
  • Seed treatment with cow urine (1or 2 litres for 100 kg of seed) and drying under shade
  • Sprinkling of ash and water and drying under shade
  • Sprinkling ash of cow dung cake1s can control various pests Application of ash on fruit trees will supply the Potash. 5 Kg of ash is required for one acre

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