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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Luxurious gadgets: World’s most expensive mouse will cost you $26,730

If you’re a successful businessman and have buckets and buckets load of cash, this uniquely designed computer mouse may seem like a perfectly sensible gadget for you to buy, afterall it probably means only spending a tiny portion of your saving’s interest. Like the world’s most expensive diamond encrusted shirt we featured, what we have here is a $26,730 luxury mouse from Pat Says Now that’s spiculated with diamonds. You’ll even be able to personalize the mouse with diamond initials or a pattern of your choosing, this of course all demands on the amount of money that you’re paying.

Each mouse is therefore made to order and you’ll need to allow up to three weeks for delivery. Diamonds are indeed women’s best friend and if you’re planning on getting this for your partner or wife, it’ll be interesting to see if your wife will think that this is a thoughtful gift, or one that’s just a plain waste of money. What’s more, we don’t even know how well this mouse functions as a mouse! It might just be the most expensive yet worse performing computer mouse ever, now that would be interesting…

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