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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Nothing beats the White Wedding Gown

ridal Attire during 1800's

Queen Victoria maried to Albert Sax

Bridal Attire from other countries

In some other countries like India, their bridal sari is made of richly woven red gold brocade with gold or silver belt to hold the sari in place. The bride will wear many ornaments such as bangles, gold earrings, necklaces and anklets.
The traditional Korean bridal attire is composed of many kinds of petticoat, underwear, red skirt decorated with gold leaf imprints. Their three kinds of jacket ( Jaeghori), and a green robe ( worsam) for their ceremonial or embroidered red robe ( whallot). As some Koreans practices their culture, others also are influenced to wear the western styled dress.
In Japan, Their  is performed strictly. The bride will wear white silk kimono, with an elaborate hood over her head to cover up brides horns, which is normally a part of their head piece worn prior to their ceremony.

The Modern Trend

While white wedding gown is the ultimate choice of several brides for its traditional, dramatic and symbolic connotation of purity. Many designers had made contemporary designs of gowns made of silk, satin, taffeta, lace or organza. Brides today prefer added colored accents to compliment with their wedding theme and set the tone of the wedding day.

Wedding Gown by Alfred Angelo

Gwen Stefani Wedding Gown

Julianne Moore Wedding Dress

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