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Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Top 50 Hottest and Sexiest Male Celebrities - Part 1

1. Orlando Bloom

Orlando is well known from films like Pirates of the Carribean and The Lord of the Rings. He’s got a face to die for and he’s very popular among women world wide. He became a world known celebrity when he played Legolas in Peter Jacksons The Lord of

#3. Colin Farrell

Colin is an Irish guy, born in Dublin. He’s been playing roles in many films during the last decades and he’s well known from S.W.A.T, Miami Vice, Daredevil and Alexander.

#5. Josh Hartnett

When I saw this guy in Pearl Harbour, I was lost. He’s gorgeous, absolutely wonderful. He’s all one could ever dream about, don’t you think?

#6. Ryan Phillippe

He’s been plaing some great parts in films such as I Know What You Did Last Summer, 54, and Cruel Intentions. Until last year he was married to actress Reese Witherspoon but not any more, so good luck girls!

#4. Denzel Washington

He’s both an actor and a director and also a winner of Golden Globes as well as Academy Awards. He’s known from films like The Hurricane, training Man and American Gangster but has also made a few stage appearances. Believe it or not but Denzel hasr

#2. Matthew McConaughey

I fell in love with this hot guy immediatly when I saw him in How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days. He’s absolutely wonderful. He’s charming, handsome, and seems to have a warm heart. What more can you ask for in a guy? Well, maybe money but he’s got plenty

#7. Viggo Mortensen

I sure wouldn’t mind spending a lot of time with this wonderful actor, and I bet you woudn’t either, right? He played Aragorn in The Lord of the Ring, and he also acted in G.I. Jane just to mention a few.

#8. Russell Crowe

Russell was born in New Zeeland but grew up in Australia, and now he’s one of the most well known Hollywood Stars. He’s been acting in movies like Gladiator, Master and Commander and Cinderella Man. He’s handsome, a good actor and he’s a real hot guy

#9. Johnny Depp

He has won the Golden Globe, he has been nominated for the Oscar and he has been the director of a film as well. He’s talented and he’s ambitious and we all remember him from his great acting in Pirates of the Carribean. This man really is something

#10. David Beckham

To watch soccer is a real pleasure when “Golden Balls” is playing. He’s a great football player, looks like a God, and his marriage is known world wide since he is married to the former Spice Girl, Victoria.

#11. Jonathan Rhys Meyers

Jonathan is a real pleasure to look at and he’s also a good actor. He’s taken plenty of hearts with storm by playing roles in movies like Alexander, Bend it like Beckham and also the serie The Tudors. This king can have any queen he wants

#12. Billy Zane

He played the horrible Caledon Hockley in Titanic but he still won many hearts because of his great acting, and of course because of his wonderful face. Who would turn down this man?

#13. Lewis Hamilton

This Brittish youngster is one of the most talented Formula 1 drivers in the world nowadays. He’s the first rookie ever to win the Hawthorn Memorial Trophy for his racing skills. This hot guy drives for McLaren until 2012. They should be happy to hav

#16. Joaquin Phoenix

He’s won the Golden Globe and he’s won the Grammy Award. He’s got a lot of talent this gorgeous man. If you want to see him in action you should rent Walk the Line or Gladiator. You won’t get dissappointed.

#15. Sidney Crosby

This youngster from Nova Scotia is only 20 years old but already captain of the famous NHL team Pittsburgh Penguins. He’s also a real hunk. Talented, handsome and young, what more can a girl ask for?

#14. Brad Pitt

He’s a famous actor and a producer, but he’s probably most known as one half of the famous couple “Brangelina” which is short for him and his loved one Angelina Jolie. They are probably the most beautiful couple in the celebrity world. Brad can be se

#17. Matt Dillon

He’s been acting since the 70’s but we never get bored of him, and why should we? He plays great in There’s Something About Mary and Wild Things, and he’s a joy to look at. I want to see more of this man!

#18. Jared Leto

This favorite among women is actually 36 years old now, but he still melts a lot of hearts every day. He’s an actor as well as a musician and he’s been seen in Urban Legend, Panic Room and Alexander, just to mention some of his films.

#20. Jenson Button

He’s young, he’s gorgeous and he’s a great driver. This hot man is racing for Honda in the Formula One sport. He comes from Great Britain and we all love to see him race, don’t we?

#19. Tiger Woods

Tiger is the diamond of the golf sport. He’s outstanding, a true talent and also a handsome young man. Nowadays he’s also a father and the fatherhood seems to make him even more good looking.

#21. Jon Bon Jovi

He’s a wonderful singer, a great songwriter and also an actor, not to mention a real hunk. He’s the singer of the group Bon Jovi, known for songs such as Bed of Roses and Always.

#22. Ben Affleck

It’s impossible to forget his wonderful role in Armageddon or his great acting in Pearl Harbour. This guy is gorgeous. He’s got it all, talent, looks and charm.

#23. Owen Wilson

This man’s got many skills. He’s an actor, a producer and also a screenwriter, not to mention that he’s got really good looks. Who wouldn’t like to spend some time with this guy?

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