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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sexy and Tall Female Celebrities

Brooke Shields 6'

Class Act Nicole Kidman 5' 10.5"

Nicole Kidman

 Nicole Kidman is an Australian beauty and well-known American actress best known for her roles in Moulin Rouge, The Hours, and Australia. She has a poised classic style with penetrating ice blue eyes. Hard to believe this sultry sensation began her working career as a massage therapist. I bet many guys would pay big bucks for that massage now. 

Pucker Up for Actress Liv Tyler 5' 10"

Liv Tyler is best known as Steven Tyler's daughter. Her father is the lead singer in one of America's most classic bands, Aerosmith, and in her early years she made an appearance in his music video, 'Crazy', along with Alicia Silverstone. Like many of the tall celebrity beauties, she got her start in modeling and who could resist her full lip pout, dark silky hair, and innocent attitude? As an actress she is well-known for appearing in Armageddon and Lord of the Rings.

Actress With Attitude Uma Thurman 6'

Uma Thurman

 Uma has played many interesting and unpredictable roles, especially from director, Quentin Tarantino's movies. Her well known films include Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill. She wasn't always as confident as her on-screen roles presume. She was a very typical young tall girl who felt awkward about her height growing up. Acting seemed to give her an escape and she was naturally good at it. Now she is the hot tall celebrity you see before you today.

Singing Sensation Taylor Swift 5' 10"

Taylor Swift

She may only be 20, but she is a current singer song-writer known in most American homes, especially where young girls reside. And who can ignore her innocent, but glamorous, beauty and tall stature- she's a knockout and yet cute as a daisy.

Minnie Driver 5' 10"

Minnie Driver is probably most well-known for her role in Good Will Hunting and her amazon beauty with a quirky English accent. You can also identify her by amazing, unruly dark and wild hair, which fits pefectly on her tall voluptious frame.

Original Sports Hottie Gabrielle Reece 6' 3"

 Gabrielle Reece did for volleyball and women's sports what Marilyn Monroe did for Playboy magazine. It's worth mentioning Playboy because she was in an issue- on the cover as well. She has posed for many fashion and sports magazines and continues to be a volleyball legend. There is not one square inch of the tallest woman on my list, that isn't absolutely gorgeous.  

Joss Stone 5' 10"

Joscelyn Stone is a well-known Grammy Award winning soul singer in both the UK and United States. Her first claim to fame album was "Soul Sessions". She has also graced the big screen in the movie "Eragon" and a couple of tv shows as well. Joss is always changing her style and her hair color but it doesn't matter- she proves she can do anything and somehow it's only an improvement. Typically, she has a very sultry down-to-earth style from carefree to glamorous, she's well-versed in the sexy and tall category.

Tyra Banks 5' 10"

Tyra Banks is as ambitious as she is beautiful. One of the original Victoria Secret models to gain celebrity status. Who doesn't love girl power in lingerie? She has proven her other talents as talk show host on The Tyra Banks Show and reality star judge on America's Next Top Model. This woman cares about social issues as much as she does beauty, but most of all she is sexy all wrapped up in one package.

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