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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Dress to Impress in Ethically Responsible Fashion

Ethical fashion or ethically responsible fashion can be explained as an approach to design, sourcing, and manufacturing of clothing, which is both economically conscious and sustainable. It includes all kinds of wears like dresses, jeans, shoes, tops, jewelry, jacket, shirts, blouses, and other accessories. Due to various factors like child labor, exploitation of the workers, low wages, environmental pollution, and other reasons, Ethical fashion brands are being more sought after nowadays.

o Workaday has variety of ethical clothing for every age group.
o Beaumont Organic offers simple, elegant women wear in organic cotton.
o Brainteasing Hemp offers casual clothes for men and women in hemp, bamboo and cotton.
o Chandal Chow k also has variety of fair trade and organic clothing and accessories.
o Ciel offers stylish ethical clothes for men and women.
o Earthworks Boutique Ethiopia offers women wears in sustainable fabrics.
o Colonel Kilohertz Clothing has variety of organic cotton printed T-shirts.

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