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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Nipple Hair - Causes, Worries, Removal

Almost 30% of all women have hair around their nipples. This is embarrassing for most women and some feel down and insecure because of their nipple hair. In this article you can get more information about nipple hair and how to remove nipple hair.
Not all women think nipple hair is such a problem and deal with it, however, for some women nipple hair can become a nuisance that leads to a neurotic obsession with the desire to remove them. In most instances, such a frame of mind is uncalled for.

What Causes Nipple Hair?

Nipple hair and hormones go hand in hand. When a young girl gets her first menstruation they also can get nipple hair. Nipple hairs appear when a woman is in a period that her hormones are fluctuating. Pregnancy is such a period and therefor a lot of pregnant women experience nipple hair when they are pregnant. Another example is starting or changing birth control. Women at an older age can also experience nipple hair for the first time when they get their menopause. The menopause can also mean the end of nipple hair growth, it varies per woman.

How Normal Is Nipple Hair?

As i mentioned above having nipple hair is pretty normal. There are no causes for alarm when you have a couple of hair surrounding your nipple. Are there cases that we have to worry? Yes, if the hair is growing from the nipple itself you must seek medical advice. Also consult a doctor when you have sudden excessive thick hair growth around your nipple.

How To Remove Nipple Hair?

There are a couple of methods on how to remove nipple hair. Because the methods are not that expensive (except laser) you can try them out and see which one works best for you.
Pluck nipple hair with tweezers
One way to get rid of nipple hair is to pull them by their roots with a good pair of tweezers. You will have to prepare your nipple hair properly before attempting to pull them out. The preparations are meant to make the process less painful for you as well as to ensure that the whole strand is indeed uprooted.
The best time to pull out your hair will be shortly – probably five minutes – after taking a warm bath or shower. Your hair roots will just be moist enough then to make uprooting hair easy. Furthermore, the pores of your skin will be dilated to minimize any resistance to the hair extraction. If you wish to, you may hold a warm and wet face towel against your breasts to ensure that your skin pores remain dilated.
The hair itself should not be too wet since that condition will make the hair break in the middle instead of being completely pulled out.
Cutting, shaving or waxing off the hair

Some women prefer to stick to cutting or shaving off the long ends of nipple hair because this can considerably minimize the visibility of the hair, particularly if the hair is white or light blond and the woman’s skin is fair.
However, care should be exercised not to shave or cut the hair too close to the skin. Cutting the hair very short sometimes leaves their sharp ends too close to the skin. That makes it easy for them to grow backwards or side wards and to become ingrown into the skin. So leave about two or three inches of hair on your breast.
Waxing the hair is not recommendable precisely because of the fact that if you do not pull off the wax with the right pressure and in the right direction, the chances of leaving behind stumps that can become ingrown are big.
Laser removal

One way of completely removing hair is to burn out and kill their roots with the use of lasers. Because this procedure can only be done with special equipment and by trained professionals, it is more expensive than remedies that you can do at home. However, the results are more comprehensive if the laser removal is done by a person with knowledge and experience.

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