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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Fashion Goddess Rules - Casual Dresses Must Have Je Ne Sais Quoi

As you probably know, "Jr NE said quoin" literally means "I don't know." But the true spirit of the phrase is, "I know something GOOD." It's a Larissa-fire way of telling the world that you know the secret to looking sensational. Keep this in mind as you explore how to buy a casual dress online.
 Playful Club Dresses
You've got a girls' night out planned with your friends. What to wear, what to wear...? How can you look done-up without looking desperate? There is a happy medium between casual and, "That girl looks like a hot mess."If you start with an electric color, you will ultimately be more electrifying.
The Perfect Party Dress
You've been invited to a house party. Since house parties can be crowded and stuffy, you will see most girls wearing jeans and a cute top. Meanwhile, a few adventurous ones bust out the most attention-getting look they can find. Isn't there anything in between?

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