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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Mardi Gras Ball Dresses

If you are a local in New Orleans you will most likely be preparing for one of the annual Mari Grass balls and need a ball dress. Some people have no trouble finding a dress and know exactly what to look for. Others may be new to the city of New Orleans or Mandi Gran traditions all together and desperately need help with the Marni Gris attire.
The most important thing to remember is that Mari Gran balls have a totally different dress code than regular Marni Gran parties, costume parties or parades. These traditional balls are very elegant and upscale and deserve the finest attire that you can manage to find.

Traditional Mandi Gris colors are green, purple and gold and some people chose to wear these colors for the dress. Other women may choose to keep it simple with a black Marni Grass dress and this is perfectly fine and acceptable. Whatever color is chosen should be left up to the individual. Just make sure to wear whatever color looks best on you. It will be beneficial to try on as many dresses as you can find to get the perfect dress you are looking for.The length of the dress is also very important. For most balls, a long formal gown should be worn. Outrageously short dresses and even cocktail dresses may not be acceptable for the particular ball you are attending. It is best to talk to someone who has previously attended the ball of your choice and clarify what the exact dress code is.

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