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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Fashion Forward Prom Dresses That Let You Dance the Night Away

Except, of course, the moment of the prom. The prom, which is a long standing tradition across the United States, is the one other night that a girl can dress up and feel like a true princess - the one night where you can be sure all the boys will be looking at you, the one night where you can dress up without feeling silly.
Short Satin Sombrero Print Dress
Timbre has been everywhere this season - it's gone from a fashion don't to a serious fashion do. You've serenity on the clothes of your favorite starlets, and even on the locks of your favorite celebrities. Famous actresses Jessica Bill, Drew Barrymore and Rachel Bil-son have all rocked Cymbre hair, and it seems the trend isn't going away anytime soon.
Short Strapless Dress with Organza Ruffle Skip
This flirty piece is decidedly fashion forward - it's just as suited for a red carpet premiere as for the prom. In a gorgeous coral hue with a ruffled sweetheart bodice that slims and shapes, this dress is short enough to let you dance the night away without having to worry about someone stepping on your train and ruining all of your fun.

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