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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Pakistani Wedding - Top 4 Pakistani Wedding Dresses

Top 4 Pakistani Wedding Dresses
When an observer looks at the Pakistani wedding dress during a wedding, he is not only impressed with the dress worn for that special occasion but also is let into enjoy a wonderful spectacle that come in the form of colourful dresses.
If you care to know about the secret behind such exquisite dresses that become the significant feature of this momentous occasion, you should know about the four main clothes that make the bride look elegant during the wedding ceremony.
Bridal Gowns
The elegance of the brides is well exhibited through the means of bridal gowns worn on this most important day. Though this form of dress appears very simple, this dress brings out the beauty of the customary symbols pertaining to that of the Pakistani way of living, and the bridal gown options related to the bride matters much to pave for such elegance during the wedding.
The features belonging to this dress type is usually found to be very minute, but the way they exhibit the cultural relevance make this variety a top notch dress to be worn during the most important day.
Red Wedding Lehenga
The Red Wedding Lehenga becomes the hot favorite of some of the brides, as they are particularly preferred for the third day pertaining to the Pakistani wedding ceremony. Though the bride has so many colours to choose, the red wedding lehenga happens to be a popular choice of many brides.
The material related to this lehenga varies considerably, as there is the option of chiffon and jamawar, as there is also the option of silk, which is also used with that of other materials. The gown carries embroidery works, where many designs get used, as that of dabka, kora, gotta and resham.
Designer Dresses
The designer dresses that cater to the varied taste of the brides have become the hot favorites of brides. The Pakistani designers make the dresses look extremely gorgeous by including additional features that come in the form of sequins, neckline sleeves as well as beaded flowers.
There is an avalanche of designs as when it comes to the designer dresses, and the Pakistani bride can choose the dress that caters to her taste and needs from this innumerable designs.
Artemisia and Gharara
Though the lengha enjoys extreme popularity with most of the brides, the gharara and Artemisia have now found the favor of some of the brides, as they are also catching up with the popularity of the lengha. The Artemisia and gharara become perfect dresses for the brides during this momentous occasion, as they never fail to grace this special occasion.
The traditional fashion styles also find the nod of approval from many brides, which include the chorida pajama and lengha choli among the others.

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