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Monday, February 14, 2011

Computer Technology

Assistive Computer Technology

exists to help people with disabilities improve their lives and increase their independence and productivity. We are committed to meeting your personal, business and network computing needs through the use of adaptive hardware and software.
We offer all varieties of adaptive technology such as voice recognition software, adaptive computer hardware and specialized office furniture and chairs. The combination and interaction of these devices is essential for you to reach your highest degree of productivity and comfort.

 Image processing applications

If you want to do an image processing lesson, you might want to do a CSI-like activity. Here is a great article on forensics and the tools they use. The example of matching foot prints is interesting. I did a lesson like that once. I gave the students a set of possible matches for shoe prints. I also gave them the crime scene foot print and they had to use image processing techniques to see if they could find the match! It was pretty good. It’s hard to find the right balance between making it too hard or too easy that you can eyeball it.

Brain Computer article

It is necessary  to do teach the students about the differences between the brain and a computer. Here is an interesting article about memristors and how they will revolutionize computers. They will be more brain-like in the future.

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