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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Jade Bangle

In the olden days, female wore jade bangle to show their marital status; and male their social status.  Chinese believe that jade bangle emits an invisible luster that will lighten the surrounding area.  This luster will ward off any evil spirits and attract good luck. Movement of jade bangle constantly massages the acupoints found on the wrist and  it can also improve our blood circulation and general wellbeing. 
jade bangle 26 KOily greenIce jade 
The asking price of the top two jade bangles found from online stores is US$3,250 and the third one is US$11,500.Just to show you how much the price of jade bangle can vary.  
The blood vessels expand in the day time, so it is easier to put on the jade bangle in the morning.  Although there are no hard and fast rules on the number of jade bangles we can wear, it is customary to wear one jade bangle on the left hand. If you have two jade bangles ; then you may wear one on each hand or two on the left hand.  If you wear three, then all must be on the left hand. If you are wearing ring at the same time; then matching on style, material and color with your jade bangle will be important.  When wearing or taking off your jade bangle, it is best to have a soft cushion below, in case you drop it and shatter it into pieces. (If you don't drop it, jade bangle can be used for generations; and pass down as heirloom to your daughter-in-law).
How to choose jade bangle?
Jade bangle is the most expensive item for all jade products, as it used up a lot of raw material to carve a good jade bangle. Only the best grade of jade boulders that are without cracks or with little flaws will be used. That is why we have to pay a premium price for jade bangle.
As any crack will reduce the price by 50%, the first thing to observe before buying jade bangle is to look for hairline cracks along the surface of the jade bangle.  Use your hand to feel the inner and outer parts of the jade bangle. You may also use a pen light or 10X loupe to assist you. These tools will help you to determine whether it is an outer crack line or an inclusion in the jade bangle which is normal for all jade products including jade bangle..  
The flaws of having black spot, yellow spot or white spot on the surface will affect the clarity of the jade bangle and  will reduce its value; but it also proves that the jadeite has not treated. 
Jade bangle will be valued by its color,transparency and Cut.  The best color is green -but its hue should not be towards yellow or blue, although some youngsters may like the combination of yellow, green and lavender .
Transparency can be transparent(Glass Jade), translucent(Ice Jade) and opaque (Bean Jade).  The price difference can be huge.
The cut should be even , good proportion and well polished.
Buying the right size of jade bangle is very important; when it is too small or too tight, you may feel uncomfortable, as it may hinder your blood circulation.  When it is too big, the jade bangle may come off if you move your hand too widely.  There are two shapes of jade bangle in the market; namely oval and round. (Oval is more suitable for people who have slender fingers).

Oval Jade Bangle
Jade bangle Green empress

Oily Green round bangleoily green round 2
How to measure the size of jade bangle you want to purchase on line? 
(You can't try it physically).
Bangle size
Bangle size
Measure the width of your palm as indicated in the picture and refer to the following:
Width of the palm     Round Bangle:                                         
62--66MM              Diameter50--52MM

66--70MM              Diameter52--54MM

70--74MM              Diameter54--56MM

74--78MM              Diameter56--58MM

78--82MM              Diameter58--60MM

>82MM                   Diameter  >   60MM
For oval shape jade bangle, add an additional 1-2mm to the above diameters.

The other way is to clinch your fist and measure the longest circumsference of your palm and divide it by 3.14 then add an additional 1-2 mm to the diameter.  For instance if the circumference of your fist is 170mm, divided it by 3.14 and add 1-2 mm with be 55-56 mm diameter.
The best way is to physically put on the jade bangle, so that you can choose it to be tightly or loosely fit.

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