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Monday, February 14, 2011

Where to Find the Sexiest Beach Girls in the World

Exotic Beauties on the Beach

The sexiest girls in the world visit beaches in exotic places all over the world - Ibiza, Copacabana, Ipanema, Corfu and Miami just to name a few.
And if you think it's easy looking ‘hot' on the beach then you had better think again. Beautiful beach babes work hard to be ready for the beach before they take off to exotic places for rest and relaxation. They all feel the pressure to fit into the tiniest bikini and spend a lot of time waxing, toning and bronzing before hitting the beaches. It pays to look your best before you hit the beach.

Las Salinas - Ibiza, Spain

Las Salinas is at the southern most point of Ibiza and got its name from the local salt mines. It is a picturesque spot that attracts the worlds rich and famous, but is well known for its full on party scene.
The beach is protected by pine trees and is a long, wide crescent shaped strip of sand. It is set in Ibiza's conservation area with the sea as clear as crystal; and you can even body surf on windy days.
It is a wild place to visit during summer and the bikinis get smaller and sexier each year. You can lie on the beach and be served cocktails as you soak up the sun; listening to the music that filters from the bars.
Las Salinas is truly a summer party place. Nudists, families and party people dance to the music and play on the beach towards the end of the bay all day every day.
As the sun goes down the partying gets wilder and wilder, and lasts all night long.

Copacabana, Brazil

We all remember the Peter Allen song Copacabana - it truly reflects the atmosphere of this beach. There are more than 4 km of unspoiled beaches, with pure white sand to relax on.
Copacabana is at the heart of Rio and has thousands of visitors from across the world. The beach is an avenue for luxury hotels, restaurants, shops and bars - and is alive day and night.
The area is steeped in history with some very nice examples of Art Deco buildings. The most notable example is the Copacabana Palace Hotel built in 1923. Another favorite place to visit is the Copacabana Fort at the end of the beach. The fort was built in 1914 to defend Guanabara Bay from invading forces.
After a night of partying you can spend the day on the beach, enjoying the view, relaxing - or, if you are more energetic play a game of volleyball, go water skiing or just get ready for the next night's party.

Ipanema, Brazil

Ipanema is a quieter version of its neighbor Copacabana - and is better known for being more family oriented. But do not be mistaken, it may not be as blatant as it is at Copacabana, but you will still see beautiful girls in the latest beach wear. Remember, Ipanema is where the ‘tanga' was found - the home of the mini bikini.
Two mountains rise at the end of the beach - the Two Brothers. Beer and the traditional Brazilian sugar cane rum is sold up and down the beach as you relax and soak up the atmosphere. Beach volleyball is a popular pastime along with working on your tan, and other water sports.
Ipanema is one of the most exclusive and expensive places to live in Brazil, and has a wonderful atmosphere of indulgence and luxury.

Corfu, Greece

White pebble beaches along Corfu's northeast coast with calm, clear blue water give breathtaking views across the sea to Albania. It is a place that mixes Greek tradition and modern elegance. But it is the beaches that attract thousands of people to Corfu each year. And, those beaches are packed with the latest beachwear on some of the most beautiful girls in the world.
Try water skiing, explore the little villages, or hire a boat and explore the island by sea. Take a walk along the coast and enjoy a particularly magnificent part of the world.
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South Beach - Miami, Florida

Fun, fun and more fun is why people visit Miami's South Beach. This is the place where movies get made, celebrities wander the streets, television series are shot here - it is just an action packed place to be. And, it all centers around the sea.
South Beach is the southern most piece of land that separates the Biscayne Bay from the Atlantic Ocean. It is one of the number one spots in the world for fashion photo shoots and there are more than 1000 top models living at South Beach.
It is famous for its nightlife with more than 150 bars and nightclubs to keep visitors hopping from place to place. Book your last minute stay this weekend in a Miami hotel to enjoy the fabulous nightlife it has to offer!

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