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Wednesday, February 16, 2011


The key is fashioned in the shape of a watch and that’s quite appropriate as there’s also a stopwatch included within the key. This key, known as the AMVOX2, features vertical trigger chronograph technology, which is still considered to be advanced technology but was virtually unheard of when it was used for this key. The watch’s surface was not only made from crystal sapphire but the watch actually works as a stopwatch, with the ability to stop, start, and reset all by gently pressing the crystal.

Also along this surface are “open” and “close” features, which will lock or unlock either an Aston Martin DBS or an Aston Martin Rapide. Pressing both of these buttons at the same time will make the car’s headlights briefly appear and flash, making the car noticeable to the owner who’s looking for it in a crowded parking lot.

When you’re already paying the pricey amount of the car, why not go the extra mile and get yourself the world’s most expensive car key?

The WorWorld's Most Expensive Car Key

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